Dodging the Desk Sentence

Dodging the Desk Sentence

By now most of us have read that sitting too long at our office jobs is akin to a death sentence. It sounds dramatic, but the science behind this i...

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MELT Stories

My fascination with vibration

Since I was a kid, I’ve felt vibrations in things when I touch them. My dad told me I was weird and not to tell people about it. My mother took me ...

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Why MELT products are different

Why MELT products are different

The background In my years of practicing therapeutic modalities to help people resolve imbalance, pain, and initiate recovery, I’ve learned both he...

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Behind the Scenes of Dr. Oz

On February 15th, this coming Friday, for the very first time on national television, human fascia from a living body will be viewed by all that t...

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Aging well

MELT Method helps you self treat back pain

MELT Method has been scientifically proven to reduce pain in the back area. Moreover, it also helps to improve mobility, and body stability in people of all ages and activitiy levels ...


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