MELT Hand & Foot Online Training

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The MELT Hand & Foot Instructor Training: New Science of the Human Body is the foundation of MELT professional training and the prerequisite for all further training. MELT Hand & Foot Instructor Training is a 3-month, online course that examines the latest scientific understanding of the human body as it relates to alignment, stress, chronic pain, and the negative effects associated with aging.

Participants will gain an understanding of the neurofascial system – the interconnectedness of the nervous system & the connective tissue system, which creates a whole-body communication network that serves to support, protect, & stabilize us in motion & at rest. In MELT, we call this system the Autopilot.

Discover how the Autopilot works – & why it often doesn't work well, particularly as we age. Learn what you can do to keep it functioning efficiently. Then find out how the MELT Hand & Foot Treatment can tap into this system to improve whole-body connection, communication, & alignment.

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