"Feeling like I'm 22"

At 48 years old, my doctors told me that I was just getting old and that my pain was expected. Well, when I was standing at the bottom of a staircase with tears rolling down my eyes because I couldn't quite figure out how to put one step in front of the other to get to the top. That's when I knew there was something not right and I needed help. It is possible to go from crying at the bottom of the stairs to at 50 years old feeling like I'm 22.

— Michele

Chronic Pain Sufferer

"MELT saved my career!"

I was a yoga instructor. I was teaching on hardwood floors and I had fought plantar fasciitis for many years and I was having a flare that was so severe that I thought I was gonna have to leave the fitness industry. I thought my career is over and I had done everything. I had the cortisone shots. I had the foot manipulation. I had Graston and my next step was surgery and I saw a little dusty ball of bag of melt balls in a corner of my physical therapist office. And I said, do those work. And he said, well, I don't know, but I have some clients that swear by them. And so I started doing the foot treatment. It saved my feet, it saved my career. So I am all in on melt as both a client and as an instructor.

— Nancy

Yoga Instructor

"Doing the Hand & Foot work was spectacular for me!"

I started because I had had a chronic illness, a Lyme disease for a long time. I was looking for something to help me manage discomfort...It's an excellent tool to get the fluid flow going to change the sensations of discomfort into being much more functional and becoming back to a normal person.

— Julie

Chronic Pain Sufferer

“My doctor was amazed!”

My entire body used to feel stiff all the time with pain in my knee and fingers. My doctor could only offer pain meds. When I first started to MELT, I noticed the knee pain went away. Within weeks, my hands felt better. I was sleeping through the night too.

— Amanda

MELT Instructor

"I've had miracles..."

I've had miracles while I've been here just in the few days. I have so much more energy and my positioning in my body. I could not stand straight up for more than about 10-15 seconds without having to look around for a chair because I was so uncomfortable in the standing position and now I'm finding I'm standing and I'm comfortable. So to me, that's miraculous.

— Haumea

MELT Retreat Attendee

"I can really tell a difference!"

It's stimulating my lyphatic drainage... and I can tell, I have to drink a ton of water. It is working! That's been a shocker with the MELT Program, I didnt' expect that. But It's really been a big help.

— Carol

Auto Immune Disease Sufferer

Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2023

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