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Along with MELT Method, products from these brands will enhance your health, wellness and vitality.

Performance Nutrition


PRŌZE Performance Nutrition has developed "Therapeutic Performance" products, performance driven, but so potent they can be used therapeutically. Using nature rich formulations, PRŌZE synergistically combines Herbs, Species, Essential Oils, Plant Extracts, Vitamins & Minerals, and Super Antioxidants with a proprietary Phytocannabinoid Rich CBD Hemp Oil. PRŌZE partners include Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques, and The MELT Method. 

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Whether you’re an elite athlete or
an individual who is simply looking for solutions to combat the impact of daily life, our suite of innovative products are
here to help you unlock the best version of yourself.

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