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Sue’s Pre-Run Ritual

I’ve mentioned in other blogs that over my lifetime, running and I didn’t mesh well. In fact, I would say I would rather take any other form of exercise or transportation if possible. However, over the past 7 years I’ve really grown fond of my runs in the park with my friend Jeff. We spend the time philosophizing and chatting between labored breaths as we push each other around the trails of Central Park.

Another thing I’ve been very open about are my own personal injuries and struggles as an athlete over the many decades of competitive sports I’ve played. One of my big fears of running was the idea I’d hurt my feet or my knees – two of my reoccurring issues I’ve managed to keep at bay for the past 15 years. In my teens I badly injured my knee and in my late 20’s plantar fasciitis hit me hard and literally debilitated me for over a year.

Although my competitive spirit isn’t as strong as it used to be, I mostly just compete with myself, looking to improve my “personal best” each time I repeat something. With running, my goal is to shave a couple seconds off short runs and minutes off long runs and end up feeling good once I’m done. I dislike the aches in my joints so anything I can do to deter that I do. I don’t mind the muscle soreness but even that I try to reduce and have managed to do both using MELT.

My go-to pre-run MELT treatment is nothing more than a Soft Ball Foot Treatment. In this video I show a Mini Foot Treatment (you can find both the full and mini versions on my Hand and Foot DVD) as a pre-run ritual. Restoring the fluid flow and stability of my connective tissue system is my intention when I MELT my feet. I want my feet to feel stable, improving my ankle stability and my hip mobility. I find when I MELT my feet before I run, my joints don’t ache like they used to – one of the reasons I never liked running to begin with. My stride and footing feels more stable and when the balls of my feet hit the ground the elastic recoil and push off feels more connected.

Since I’ve started running regularly, I’ve MELTed both before and after and find that works the best for me. Some of my clients say they MELT their feet after they run and work on their lower body with the Lower Body Compression Sequence before they head out – especially those who run more than 10 miles at a time. I think that’s a smart choice, but for me, the foot treatment is my go-to pre-run ritual and it’s kept foot pain at bay.

Check out this quick clip where I describe what I feel using Body Sense in my initial assessment and how simple it is to regain balance and grounding before I run. Give it a shot before you head out for a trot and send me your feedback about your experience! Happy MELTing and running!

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