Sick season (and how to dodge it)

It’s sick season again. I hear people hacking and coughing all around me, sniffly noses, and clients complaining of fatigue and exhaustion. I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a strong immune system and actively partake in keeping it in optimal condition. But I’d not been to the doctor for a physical for about a year and a half so I thought, why not go and have everything checked out. Although I got a stellar mark from my physician for my physical the next morning I woke up with a scratchy throat. Go figure, I go to the doctors and manage to get sick.

This happened just before I was about to teach a MELT Level 2 training. So I immediately started my sick person regimen and managed to not have a single symptom for another 3 days. However, 2 days into the teacher training I entirely lost my voice. In losing my voice, I discovered even more remedies that helped so fast that I was stunned by the results. So, I thought I’d share some simple things I did to reduce the severity of my sickness and get my voice back in 48 hours.

    1. Use a sinus rinse with saline solution at least 2x a day. Once in the morning right when you get up, and again before you go to bed. If you have ever tried to use a netty pot, this is totally different, easier to use and works like a charm. When you start feeling sniffly or you start blowing your nose more often than normal, start sinus rinsing! This will dump out the bacteria that festers in your sinus cavity and ultimately makes that yellow brown goo that ends up in your lungs, and your tissues. It also soothes a dry throat. Using it is simple. I found this on YouTube and thought, better to have them demonstrate than me.


A few notes: You will hear her say she likes her water at room temperature and honestly, it’s better if it’s slightly warmer than that as it passes through the sinuses easier. They also say distilled water. I use hot and cold water from my Poland Springs machine because I don’t tend to have distilled water around and I’d then have to heat it up before I use it. I also allow the water to pass out of my opposite sinus and my mouth at the same time. This works best for me and reduces any fill back into my ears.

  • If you are losing your voice, don’t take Mucinex! It will only dry out your vocal cords and leave you with no voice at all. My husband is an actor and his doctor recommended Gatorade. Personally I hate the taste but I am telling you IT WORKS! Avoid caffeine, citrus juices, and alcohol. My voice improved dramatically over hours from just the Gatorade. I did the one with less sugar and I didn’t mind the grape flavor instead of the orange.
  • Essential Oils from DoTerra. I used Breathe and On Guard multiple times a day. It kept my throat more moist and the sickness never got into my lungs. They also make breathe in respiratory lozenges that soothe and cool nasal airways. I put the on Guard on my hands, feet and chest and left Breathe for my chest and around my shoulders and throat. This was a winning ticket for sure.
  • MELT Foot Treatment and the Rebalance Sequence. I did this before I went to bed and it always helps me sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed!

Other basics I suggest include washing your hands many times a day, and using antibacterial soaps and products. Also REST! Give into the sickness and get to sleep early, sleep in a little extra, don’t over exert yourself, eat healthy foods, and sip water frequently throughout your day.

Good luck in the sick, cold, and flu season!

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