Can MELT help you love running?

I was never a fan of running. In fact, not long ago I’d say, “Can’t we all be civilized and just Rollerblade? We’ll get anywhere faster than if we ran!” Despite having been on the varsity cross-country team and having played varsity soccer in high school, I really just didn’t like running. It was boring and would make my knees ache, so after high school I didn’t run at all.

In 2011, friends who had done the Ironman and dozens of marathons tried to convince me that with their help, I would love running like they do. I started with 2-mile runs around the reservoir in Central Park three times a week. It was more fun when I ran with someone, but if I made a good song list, I’d do it on my own.

As I practice what I preach, I would MELT my feet every time. Then once I got back, I’d do 20-30 minutes of MELTing, and would even do a Mini Foot Treatment the next day.

After a few months, I’d built up the stamina to run 4 miles, and I started to train in forefoot running with my Newton’s – a sneaker with lugs at the forefoot. I like to run on a dirt path instead of the street to reduce the impact on my body, but it is more exhausting to run on a softer surface in my opinion and it’s a challenge to run faster on the dirt than it is on the street.

Today I run 4-6 miles two or three times a week with my friend Jeff who has run over 50 marathons. In the warmer weather, I’ve even done a number of 12-mile runs up to the George Washington Bridge. That being said, I think the hazards of running a marathon far outweigh the psychological benefits of actually doing it, so I’ll leave that to Jeff.

All in all I still think the impact of running can be rather detrimental to our hip, knee, and ankle joints. I have to say, though, when I MELT before and more specifically after I run, I feel like I reverse all the negative effects I’d associate with running in general. My legs look more toned, my hips feel more stable, and being outdoors to take a break from my writing and work commitments is a welcome distraction.

I just released a specialized map for runners on MELT On Demand, our home for streaming video. To get access to this MELT Map, and more, go to for a special offer. Watch this short video to learn more about the MELT for Runners map!

For those of you who love running – as well as those who are considering taking up the activity – try this map to see how simple MELT is and how adding it into your routine can reduce the negative impact on your joints and help you run with a greater sense of efficiency and ease. Experiment with MELTing before or after you run (or both!) to see what works best for you and send me your feedback on what changes you feel! This is a great way to improve your overall sense of well-being and stability so you gain all the benefits of running and enjoy it more! Have fun!

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