MELT on Demand Monthly Recap: September 2018

Welcome to the first MELT on Demand Monthly Recap!

At the end of each month, we’ll be providing a recap of the four videos that were added to MELT On Demand, our streaming video site. We’ll share the focus of each video, the MELT moves and sequences it includes, the benefits of performing it, as well as a sneak peek of each video!

In September, we released videos that spanned the categories of pain, sports, and lifestyle. This included a specialized video from our Summer Cellulite Challenge.

MELT for Sleep

Category: Class

Use this class to help shift your body into rest and repair mode, so you can get to sleep and stay asleep and wake up rested and refreshed. This class features the Soft Ball Foot Treatment, Rebalance Sequence, Lower Body Compression Sequence, and Neck Release Sequence.

MELT for Shin Splints

Category: Pain

Whether you’re a runner, soccer player, dancer, or hiker, keeping your lower legs hydrated and pain-free is key to doing the activities you love. This MELT for Shin Splints Tutorial walks you through key techniques for addressing and preventing shin splints. You’ll learn how to perform the Shin Glide and Shear with the Large Firm Ball as well as the Performance Roller.

MELT for Golf: Training Days

Category: Sports

Designed to improve the power and accuracy of your swing, rotation of your torso, and the strength of your grip, MELT for Golf features the Athletic Foot Treatment, an Upper Body Sequence, and Lower Body Sequence, as well as a series of shoulder and pelvic stability moves. Perform this map before hitting the driving range and notice the difference!

Cellulite Challenge Week 2 Map

Category: Lifestyle

The Cellulite Challenge Week 2 Map is designed to rehydrate your hips and legs, improve the texture of your superficial fascia on the backs of your thighs, and increase hip stability. Use this map to treat hip, knee, and ankle pain, as well as low back pain. This video features the Lower Body Compression Sequence, Lower Body Stability Sequence, and a quick Lower Body Length Sequence.

MELT On Demand gives you streaming access to our growing catalog of self-treatment videos, featuring customized treatments and classes for MELTers of all ages and levels. Activate your 7-day Free Trial to MELT On Demand to watch these videos and more!

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