MELT On Demand Monthly Recap: October 2018

Happy Halloween! And my, what a month October has been for MELT. While trying to take advantage of the glorious autumn weather in the little free time we had, we also ran five separate MELT Method Instructor trainings. Nothing makes our entire team feel more blessed and thankful than being in a room with like-minded people and watch them empower themselves to learn about their body and their pain, then learn proactive steps to alleviate that pain.

One of the tools we’ve created to help even more people get access to MELT, and keep them on track with their own fitness goals and self-care plans, is our streaming video service, MELT On Demand. Every Monday of the month, a new video is released on MELT on Demand featuring customized treatments and classes for MELTers of all ages and levels.

In October, we released videos that spanned the categories of pain, sports, and lifestyle. This included a specialized video for Hip Pain & IT Band Syndrome.

MELT for Tech Neck

Category: Lifestyle

If you spend more than an hour a day using technology (which, let’s be honest, is ALL of us), this video is a must-watch. Plus, it features brand-new, never-before-seen footage from my latest shoot!

Whether you spend hours working at your computer or looking down at your phone or tablet, the muscles that stabilize your neck pay a price. This repetitive position tightens some muscles, weakens others, and increases pressure in the discs of our spine. This can lead to neck, shoulder and jaw pain, tension headaches, and numbness in your arms and can even alter the ligaments and fascia on the back of your neck, causing a Dowager’s Hump.

The MELT for Tech Neck map will help normalize your head position, decrease accumulated stress in your upper body, and even relieve tension in your face caused by too much screen time. This video features the Mini Hand Treatment, Upper Body Compression Sequence, Neck Release Sequence, and a Facelift Treatment. I recommend performing it after long periods of sitting at your desk.

MELT for Marathon Runners: Training Days

Category: Sports

Our runners will love this video for training days, but you don’t have to run to appreciate this full-body recovery map.

This full-body treatment will help restore the rotation of your spine, decrease tension in your hips and low back, and add resilience to your stride. Use MELT for Marathon Runners: Training Days as a recovery map after training runs for best results – it’s also ideal for anyone experiencing lower body, low back, or hip pain.

MELT for Hip Pain

Category: Pain

This video addresses one of your most requested topics: hip pain.

Whether your hip pain is caused by repetitive stress from the activities you love (or don’t love, like sitting at a desk) or an inflammatory issue like arthritis, tendinitis, or bursitis, MELT can help!

The MELT for Hip Pain map is designed to restore stability and mobility to your hips, rehydrate this essential ball-and-socket joint, and establish better core control. This video features the Inner and Front Thigh Glide and Shear, Drawbridge, Seated Compression Sequence, and more! Do this map a maximum of three times per week for best results.

Cellulite Challenge Week 3 Map

Category: Lifestyle

The Cellulite Challenge was a series event we launched this past summer. We saw such great results from people who participated that we couldn’t hold back from giving everyone access to it! Like the other videos in this series, the Cellulite Challenge Week 3 map helps rehydrate your lower body and increase hip stability. Even if you’re not interested in reducing the appearance of cellulite, you can use these maps to treat knee, hip, and low back pain. What’s new is the addition of the Seated Compression Sequence as well as more advanced moves like Clams and Figure 4.

Be sure to check out the Week 1 Map and Week 2 Map, then alternate between these three maps for best results.

MELT for IT Band Syndrome

Category: Pain

Lots of runners and cyclists are familiar with the painful practice of rolling out the iliotibial (IT) band on a hard roller. However, what many people do not know is that rolling on your IT band can actually cause more inflammation and pain in this already compromised area and is not an effective treatment for lower body pain.

I designed this MELT for IT Band Syndrome map to help reduce outer knee pain, address hip and low back imbalances, and restore foot and ankle motion – all without causing pain. This map features the Back of Thigh Shear, Outer Thigh Glide and Shear, the entire Hip to Heel series: Hip to Heel Press, Rotate, and Cross, and more. All of these moves are done on the MELT Performance Roller, my 16” soft roller that’s perfect for athletes or anyone on the go.

Perform this recovery map after your next running, hiking, or cycling adventure for best results.

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