MELT Performance: Accelerate Your Fitness Goals & Prevent Chronic Pain for Life

My new book, MELT Performance, is being published on April 30, and I’m so excited to tell you all about it!

For athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone looking to achieve peak performance, MELT Performance will help you reach your goals faster, improve balance and control, and prevent chronic pain and injuries for good.

If you’re dedicated to living a healthy, active lifestyle but constantly dealing with joint aches, tendon or ligament strains, or muscle pains that make it harder to reach your fitness targets, you’re an athlete striving to be at the top of your game but facing repeated injuries that hold you back, or you’re ready to be active and exercise regularly without worry of muscle and joint damage, then you are ready for MELT Performance.

How MELT started

With my first book, the New York Times bestseller The MELT Method: A Breakthrough Self-Treatment System to Eliminate Chronic Pain, Erase the Signs of Aging, and Feel Fantastic in Just 10 Minutes a Day, I introduced you to the healing power of healthy, resilient fascia and a balanced nervous system — two elements of healthy living that are unaddressed by diet and exercise.

In The MELT Method, I explained that repetition can damage the supportive qualities of the fascial system and interfere with the body’s neurological repair processes. To address the negative effects of daily repetition, I gave you the “4Rs” of the method – Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate, and Release. The 4Rs turn cutting-edge neurofascial research into a self-care method that anyone, at any age, can add to their daily life.

By restoring fascia’s supportive, adaptable, and elastic properties, you improve your overall function and mobility. You move with fewer restrictions and limitations that would otherwise creep up as common aches and pain. You also learned how to assess your body for fascial dysfunction — what I call “stuck stress” — so you don’t have to wait for pain to let you know your body needs your help.

MELT: Performance and Strength

Now with my second book, MELT Performance: A Step-by-Step Program to Accelerate Your Fitness Goals, Improve Balance and Control, and Prevent Chronic Pain and Injuries for Life, I go deeper into the nervous system and explore the power of another missing element of healthy living: neurological stability, or as I call it, NeuroStrength.

Whether repetition comes in the form of sitting at a desk all day or the drills of athletic training, it can also interfere with our nervous system’s involuntary stability. This can lead to persistent muscle strains, joint stiffness, or simply a feeling of exhaustion. This is why repetition is the blessing and curse of athletic performance.

I’m excited to share this amazing program with you to help you gain a competitive edge by learning what’s missing in athletic training programs and why even professional athletes suffer with joint pain and repetitive stress injuries.

In MELT Performance, you’ll learn how to reintegrate joint stability and repattern stable movement. This is the secret to unlocking your ability to maximize your results.

These are the 2Rs of NeuroStrength: Reintegrate and Repattern. These techniques restore the timing and sensorimotor control of the deep stabilizing mechanisms that allow us to move with efficiency. I’ll show you the essential moves to restore hip and shoulder stability and NeuroCore control. You’ll also learn what neurological stability is and why it’s not part of traditional fitness programs or training methods.

From 4 Rs to 6

If you didn’t read my first book, don’t worry: MELT Performance includes a MELT 4Rs Refresher as the treatments covered in The MELT Method are the launchpad for what we will be doing. MELT Performance takes the MELT 4Rs a step further to help you improve your performance in all your physical activities, with no downside.

The fact is, whether you’re a pro athlete, someone who likes to go to the gym, or someone who just walks the dog several times a day, exercise and strength training doesn’t necessarily improve stability. It just doesn’t work that way. When you are fit and engaging in a healthy lifestyle, you might think your body is stable, but over time, the stability of your joints and your overall posture can be compromised from all the repetitive movements in your routine.

With step-by-step instructions and images throughout, MELT Performance teaches you how to tap into the stability mechanisms to prepare your body for activity, increase your control and precision, and reduce compensation that would otherwise cause stress injuries over time.

In hands-on bodywork, these specialized techniques fall into a category called Neuromuscular Therapy. Now, instead of waiting to be injured to do rehab with a highly trained therapist, MELT Performance offers you the ability to “pre-hab” your body – avoiding pain and fitness setbacks before they happen. And if you currently have persistent pain, adding these techniques to your life will help you get out of pain and stay out of pain.

Once you put all 6Rs of the method together, you’ll practice the basic moves and sequences to get fast results and lasting changes. The MELT Performance Stability Sequences will help you prepare your body for athletic training, eliminate unnecessary tension and compression after a workout, reduce muscle imbalances, and improve your sensorimotor control.

Available for Order

I’ve included more than a dozen MELT Maps to get you started in three different categories: Sports Performance Maps, Pain and Joint Injury Maps, and Lifestyle Maps. These will not only improve your performance in the sports you play or during your regular, daily activities, but they’ll help reduce your risk of stress accumulation and unnecessary injury. You’ll even learn how to create your own MELT Maps so you can continue to sustain the changes and newfound stability.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about MELT Performance. Order your copy today!.

Learn more about the science behind the method, the creator Sue Hitzmann, and MELT On Demand’s streaming classes HERE. 


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