MELT Your Face with the 50-Second Facelift

Whenever I show people one of the MELT Hand Treatments and explain how MELT supports the collagen beneath the skin, there’s always one woman in the bunch who takes the MELT ball and starts rubbing her face. It never fails!

So I always get the question: Can I use this soft ball on my face? The answer is yes! I call it the “50-Second Facelift.”

What is the 50-second Facelift?

Don’t be fooled: This quick treatment is so much more than just a superficial beauty booster. This hydrating sequence is also my go-to treatment for people who suffer from:

  • chronic jaw pain
  • TMJ
  • sinus issues
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • vertigo

How does the 50-second Facelift Work?

A little backstory: The layer of connective tissue right under the skin is called the superficial fascia. This particular layer is the flexible scaffolding that supports your skin. This fascia is the supportive infrastructure that gives your skin its tone, lift, and integrity.

The primary cells within this tissue are called fibroblasts and, when they are active, they are the cells that produce the majority of the collagen and elastin molecules we rely on to keep everything in our body stable and supported – including our skin.

The problem is: As we age these cells stop proliferating, meaning there are more cells dying than there are new ones being produced. Fewer cells mean less collagen production, which translates into sagging skin, compressed joints, and basically less support for the visible parts of our body.

One of the things I love about connective tissue is that it’s quite responsive. The very things that dehydrate the tissue – tension and compression – can stimulate the cells, thus keeping them active… if you know how to do it right.

The secret to stimulating the superficial layers of your connective tissue is to not press hard. The lighter the touch, the more you stimulate the cells closest to the skin. Doing this takes just minutes, but the benefits are long-lasting.

How to Give Yourself a 50-Second Facelift

The “50-Second Facelift” uses just the Large Soft Ball from the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Kit. Try out the “50-Second Facelift” below.

Next Steps: The MELT Facelift Treatment

Ready to kick your facelift up a notch? I also developed what I call the MELT Facelift Treatment which uses the MELT Soft Roller. The MELT Facelift Treatment is designed to restore hydration and relaxation to your entire face.

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