My fascination with vibration

Since I was a kid, I’ve felt vibrations in things when I touch them.

My dad told me I was weird and not to tell people about it. My mother took me to a neurologist and he offered to cut one of the nerves in my wrist to see if it would stop it. Thankfully neither of these suggestions scarred me and nothing was done to get rid of what I now know is a gift. I feel grateful that it has become my greatest blessing and the foundation of what I’ve been able to share with so many others.

Over the years, I’ve found so many hands-on practitioners, teachers, and educators with similar understanding and beliefs about sensing vibrations. It’s expanded my learning far beyond any book or schooling I could acquire. Though both are powerful, experiencing a skilled practitioner’s hands-on approach can be entirely life altering.

The science of vibrations

Recent scientific research is showing how vibrations alter any water based system. We are, in my personal estimation, about 99% water based. On a microscopic level, it’s all fine matter and vibrations that hold us together. All motion is truly vibration and all living matter possesses vibration. From heart rate, pulse, and basic movement, with every step we take and every breath we breathe, we function, react, and respond to vibrations every moment of everyday.

This may explain the feelings one gets when you meet someone you “instantly connect with” or someone you are instantly repulsed by. Have you ever scanned a menu and headed towards an item that “catches your eye”? Do you react with intuition or emotion more often than not?

Don’t discount how vibrations in objects or people can be affecting us.

Gwyneth Paltrow was recently quoted (and made fun of) for citing some Japanese research that links to water responding to emotions. While declaring that “water has emotions” is extreme speculation, our energy can alter water’s composition.

Water is one of the most adaptable and malleable elements, we can morph and adapt its contents and make lots of things from it. Most foods we eat have water as an ingredient. In a human, it’s the most essential. We can live without food for weeks, even months, but we can’t live without water. Plants and animals have water as a part of their structure. With all we know about water, what’s only recently being studied is how vibrations alter its structure.

So sex toys are onto something…

Isn’t it obvious and compelling that the sex toy that gives people arousal and ultimate pleasure is a vibrator?

If you have never used one, I suggest all people, men and women, try it at least once. It’s important we all understand the quality and impact vibration can have on your body’s ability to sense pleasure and excrete lots of repair and rest hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.

If you aren’t ready to dive into the world of vibrators, I’ll leave you with a broader thought about cells and their responsiveness. Gwyneth isn’t crazy. Even a water molecule responds to vibrations. Your voice is a vibration. Yell bad words at water, the molecules change. Tell it how lovely it is and you couldn’t live your life without it, it changes again. Just like humans and the water within us, it’s one reason beyond our brain we take in emotions and react to the environment all the way down to the cellular level.

Now go get a hug from some and let your cells vibrate.

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