Why I love Pink (and how this relates to MELT)

Once again Pink has managed to deliver a transcendent performance with her tribute to “The Wizard of Oz” during last night’s Oscars ceremony. She is one of my favorite artists and I want to tell you why.

My schedule has been insane this year so taking time to do fun things takes planning – usually by someone else but me. As part of my birthday present, my beloved boyfriend got us two floor seats to Pink’s new concert series promoting her album “The Truth About Love.” How cool is that?

This album has some significance to me personally and became an album I purchased in its entirety (a rarity since I usually download one song at a time to teach my weekly Rhythm Ride indoor cycling class).

I listened to it over and over and over again and at times swore she must have been watching me while she wrote many of the lyrics to the songs I became attached to. She expresses sides of love from the feeling you get when you fall in love to the feeling of having your heart crushed from the inside out. The song “Chaos and Piss” has brought tears to my eyes, a few times in public as I related moments of this past year to the lyrics.

Enough about me, let’s get back to Pink.

I don’t know how tall she is but I’m guessing 5’3” or so. I know she has a daughter – not that you would know it by looking at her ridiculously toned abs. Her obliques are so thick and powerful her torso is more square than curvy. And for good reason – during this acrobatic, dance-filled, dynamic event she flies through the air on wires and trapeze, long tissues and cloth, and even elevated high above the stage, unharnessed on a huge metal globe. I’ve never seen anything like it except for Cirque du Soleil. But those acrobats aren’t singing a solo with such range and clarity as Pink is somehow able to do.

As I watched her I kept thinking, I’ve got to get her the MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Kit. Her body would benefit from knowing how to use these tools before flying on wires. Also, her diaphragm is an essential element of her power and stability while hanging upside down yet still singing with full expression.

For anyone acrobatic or using their vocal cords in this way, doing the Rebalance Sequence from the MELT Method book would only benefit the ultimate goal of performance perfection while decreasing unnecessary pressure in the chest, throat, or neck region.

If the show weren’t already amazing, her finale basically consisted of her flying all around the Barclay Arena, landing on two posts on either side of the stadium two separate times. These posts were only about 10 inches wide by the way. They were two steel beams about 20 feet high. She landed on them in high heels like a bird. I couldn’t help but scream as she flew right over my head and back onto the stage.

Another lesson I learned

I can only say, this is certainly a performer to admire and praise for her live show. One tip I’d give anyone going to see a live show is wear earplugs – especially for the warm-up band. They are always louder and you could seriously lose your hearing from two-plus hours of very, very loud music. Chris and I had near front row seating and it was LOUD. Using earplugs doesn’t take away from the fun, but it saves my precious hearing so when I’m 60 I can still hear as keenly as I can today.

As a kid I had earaches all the time. For years I had at least eight earaches each year. By the time I got into the 4th grade I could barely hear out of my left ear.

I of course never mentioned it until Mrs. Weinberg called me out for clowning around in class saying, “Ms. Hitzmann, you are a scurvy elephant!” or at least that’s what I heard.

After coming home crying my eyes out telling my mom what she said in front of the class, my mom called her. She said, “Mrs. Hitzmann, I didn’t call your daughter a scurvy elephant. I said, ‘Ms. Hitzmann, you are a disturbing element.'”

My mom took me to the doctor the next day to find I had a 70 percent hearing loss in my left ear and a 50 percent loss in my right.

Although this loss remained for years, sending me to learn sign language and taking summer classes to read lips – I found it amazing that after all the years of bodywork I’ve had the pleasure of having my hearing is actually perfect now. I even had the doctor run the test twice because I didn’t believe it myself.

In any event, all of these thoughts just arose because of a fun night out listening to Pink last month. I’d highly recommend seeing her live. It’s worth the money and the experience is well worth it all around.

MELT Hand And Foot Kit v2

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