How Juicing Saved My Marriage

Problems in Love and Marriage

I love the man, but getting married means marrying the person and any underlying issues that they come with, aka baggage. My husband, Chris (God love that man for being so awesome and amazing), chose me as his wife – a woman with two cats – to which he’s highly allergic. What we will do for love. In loving him, I’ve become intimate with his sinus issues and allergic reactions. He used to get terrible eczema and skin irritation, was constantly congested, and had constant low-grade inflammation in his body.

All of these factors needed to be addressed if we were to not only remain married but live under one roof with cats. I’ve made lots of adjustments – like investing in air purifiers and not letting the cats on the couch – but I also started insisting that we use one of our wedding gifts and start juicing. In less than a week of daily green juicing with organic fruits and veggies, Chris’s skin entirely cleared up, he lost over 12 pounds of bloat, and in less than two months, his allergic reactions went from once a day to less than once a week. This gave him a boost in his energy – and our sex life. Yes, juicing I am going to say enhances your sex life.

My Juicing Solution:

So what’s in my magical juices that reduced his inflammation and allergic reactions? The base of my juices consists of kale, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, celery, and spinach.

To alkalize and detoxify the body, I then add lemons, limes, parsley, cilantro, ginger, and cayenne peppers.

To sweeten it up a little and take some of the bitterness away from the taste buds I add green apples, carrots, beets, or pears, and depending on the mix of the day, grapefruit.

We have also tried adding things like chia seeds, apple cider vinegar, chlorella, and maca – superfoods that help with inflammation and digestion overall.

Finally, I added some probiotics to his daily vitamins.

If you are going to juice, remember a few things:

1)Wash produce extra well.

2) Remove rinds from any non-organic produce.

3) Juice greens, then lemons and herbs, ending with ginger or things that could clog up your juicer.

The Conclusion:

If you suffer with allergies, depression, nutritional deficiencies, or sleep issues, juicing can be a great addition to your daily life. I also recommend reducing sugar, processed foods, alcohol, negative thoughts and negative people in your life (that’s a big one!), and getting up and moving multiple times a day even if it’s just to get out of your chair every hour for some deep breaths and upper body stretching. All of these things go a long way toward bringing you greater health and wellness. When it comes to marriage, this seems so simple yet it’s really a profound choice to actively engage in the health of the most important person in your life… besides you. This has helped us both and I know it will also support your good health. Let’s go green together and make 2017 a year of juicing! Enjoy!

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