Sue's 7 Self-Care Tips

1) Treat yourself to a mini foot treatment while you brush your teeth in the morning.

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2) Do your meal prep ahead of time – for the week or even just the next morning. And have simple snacks ready to go!

  • After a long day at work or even a hard workout, don’t sabotage your healthy body by grabbing chips or aimlessly looking into the fridge to eat something. Prep some healthy foods for a quick nibble. Wash and slice up some carrots and celery. I love eating spinach or romaine leaves like chips, too – wash and have them ready in a bowl by the fridge. Buy some frozen blueberries and almond milk, and freeze some bananas to make it easy to create a shake!


3) Stand up from your desk at least once every hour and stretch. Better yet, go walk and get yourself a glass of water at least once every hour.

  • Sitting is a desk sentence! Just stand up! This increases circulation, heart rate, and blood flow, which decreases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain. So hey, why not?


4) Use a sleep mask at bedtime to give your body the proper shutdown it needs at night.

  • Science shows that sleep is the most essential element of a healthy life. But many people don’t go to bed in a dark room. Either wear an eye mask or get blackout shades. This helps boost your metabolism and your repair processes, and keeps neurotransmitters and hormones balanced. Remember, hormones like epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, and cortisol play essential roles in our stress response. Sleeping in a dark room helps fuel metabolism and manage arterial blood pressure, and aids in healing and muscular repair – so your body lowers stress hormones and boosts repair hormones.


5) Get outside or to the gym. Even if it’s only walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes, that’s better than nothing.

  • I know, I know, you don’t have time. Me neither. But really, we do. We just have to commit to it. Just GET UP and go for a 20-minute walk outside. Breathing deeply, looking out at the distance instead of at your computer screen, and moving your body for just 20 minutes a day can really have massive effects on your weight, emotional balance, and overall balance. Like Nike says… Just Do It!


6) Give yourself permission to delete negativity. Go ahead and mute those negative people you follow on social media.

  • Our limbic system is the emotional center of our brain. Frequently our lifestyle can cause our limbic system to become too active. This causes depression and an overall negative filter on our emotional state. Make it a point to be around positive people and help them motivate you to be a better person. Give someone a compliment and tell them you love them. You gain benefits as much as they do!


7) Do just one thing this week that makes you happy… just because.

  • In a busy world, sometimes it’s tough to put YOU first. Think about what makes you happy. Whether it’s calling a friend, going out for a date night, sleeping in one day this week, staying in for a romantic evening, reading a book… whatever it is that makes you happy, cut out some time this week and do it.

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