How to stick to a routine while traveling for the holiday

I remember when my best friend brought her 19-month-old daughter to the city for a visit. We hadn’t really thought through all of the routine habits of the day, which sent us out buying things that aren’t cheap. Things like a highchair for her to eat. When we tried eating on the sofa, well that didn’t work out too well. She also didn’t bring a stroller so needless to say new travelers with new babies should think things through before they walk out the door.

Well, it turns out, even without baby we are all creatures of habit and routine which can get entirely derailed from a vacation or holiday travel. For example, I MELT on my soft body roller every evening before bed. Traveling with it can be cumbersome with carry-on luggage. So I always bring my MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Kit and do both daily if I choose not to bring my roller. Of course now, with my new MELT Performance roller (available early 2016), which is only 16” long, I can bring that along anywhere so I’ve got that with me at this very moment on an airplane.

I also love to run and exercise most days. That can be tough when I travel. I then have to bring my running shoes and clothing and figure out how to wash everything so I don’t have to bring a weeks worth of shorts and tanks along with me. I’ve grown accustomed to using my MELT Performance resistance band and HIIT (high intensity interval training) type exercises in my hotel room to start off my morning. I can do it in bare feet, I sweat, tone, and strengthen every area of my body and it only takes me 20 minutes. I use the 2 minutes hard work, 1 minute rest 7 times targeting my abs, back, butt, thighs and arms. It keeps my body in good shape when I’m traveling for work or on vacation.

The other tough one can be food choices. Although you can find good quality food most anywhere, it seems when I travel I eat out more—meaning I eat more calories, drink alcohol, which means even more calories. I also tend to eat at odd times compared when I’m home. This can throw off my digestion and cause bloating and even constipation. I always bring some smooth move tea and watch my water intake like a hawk. I even try to add a glass or two of hot water with lemon to my morning before I drink coffee to stimulate my GI track and avoid the constipation altogether.

My final tip that seems to really keep my body feeling good is adding vegetables at every meal, including breakfast. Even at a diner, I’ll ask for a veggie egg-white omelet but I also ask for extra raw spinach on the side. That way I start my day off with something really good for my body. I also avoid desserts except dark chocolate, which is one of my favorite essential foods as far as I’m concerned.

So even if you aren’t traveling with a baby, care for yourself like one. Make a list of things you love, know your general habits and pack accordingly. Don’t get derailed this season before you even walk out the door.

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