How to Handle Holiday Stress

With so many presents to buy for other people, so many holiday parties to attend (wearing your favorite and probably most uncomfortable shoes of course) many people forget to do even little things to care for themselves during the Holiday Season. This blog about how to recognize, handle, and reverse the signs and symptoms of Holiday Stress.

  • You decide to go shopping—in a real store instead of on-line. If you find yourself rushing in a store, walk right out. Staying in the store will increase your stress levels and most likely you will impulsively buy anything just to get out as fast as possible. So before you walk in, think about what you want to buy.
  • You find yourself getting annoyed with the crowds—I get that too. I live in NYC so people walk like they are lost or have never seen tall buildings before. They can’t walk in a straight line or make a sidewalk barricade with their body and their other three family members. Before you lose your cool, remember, it’s holiday time, it’s busy outside, and tourists are out and about. Give yourself extra time before you head out. I always MELT my feet before I leave my house so I stay grounded and manage all the nutty people out in my neighborhood.
  • Your mother passive-aggressively insults your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or you. Sometimes parents have no idea just how horrible they sound when they put a parental claw out to dig into you. I know this one first hand as well. Before you yell back some insulting comment, or take the words to heart, ask this question, “I’m not sure I heard you correctly. Could you say that again please?” It’s the second time they start saying the same thing the words don’t come out quite the same. There’s the “Well what I meant was…” or the “Oh, you know what I mean…” words that start the second go-round where you can kindly point out their insult as they weasel around the first comment. You don’t have to say much after that. Let them stammer on with their negativity. And then go for a walk, take deep breaths, and come back with a smile on your face. Don’t let family insanity get the best of you.
  • You aren’t sleeping well while you are away. This is really common. New smell, different bed, odd hours, and again, family energy can impact your sleep habits. Your best bet is bring an eye mask, your own pillow from home, and no matter what, don’t get into deep conversations about history or childhood during or after dinner. Watch a funny movie or go for a walk after dinner but don’t build stress at the end of the day or end it on the high stress note.

For all of you who manage way too much stress during the year end crazy time, I wish you deep breaths, a grounded body, and an open heart.

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