Winterize yourself

This warm weather in NYC has me thankful, but it also means that when the cold temps and polar vortexes come barreling through the city it will be all that much more shocking for you and your body. This entry is about how bundling up affects your posture and how you can help.

I have three words for you: scarf, gloves and boots.

I could pick a few others like thick socks and buy a decent winter jacket but those are my top 3 things I see people not wearing when it’s freezing outside. If you don’t wear a scarf you will spend most of the time outdoors with your shoulders shrugged up near your ears causing neck tension. This can leave you with a stiff neck and compromise your shoulder joint unnecessarily. I can’t tell you how many clients come in with shoulder pain in the winter months. Many walk out their door with their gym clothes on and not much else, freeze on the walk over and then pound away at the weights. Their tissue is not prepped well, thus injuries creep up.

You have more sensory nerve endings in your hands and feet than anywhere else in your body. Protect them from the cold weather by wearing decent socks and gloves this winter. Putting your hands in your pockets isn’t enough and wearing thin gym socks won’t cut it either. Invest in the two most over used areas of your body and save them from the winter air.

I get fashion will tell you otherwise, but you can in fact find fashionable boots and jackets that are super warm and have style. I even found an amazing pair of stylish Timberlands for this season and it hasn’t even snowed in NYC yet!

MELT Hand And Foot Kit v2

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