Introducing our six MELT Master Trainers

MELT has come a long way in just the past few years and one of the things I’d dreamed about for so long has finally come true: I now have a team of highly qualified people prepared to train other instructors to teach MELT!

After an incredibly tough selection process, I’ve hand picked six of our top instructors to train directly under me for an entire year, to not only refine their teaching and leadership skills but to take them to school where they would spend hours each week studying anatomy, physiology, and science application and theory. The Master Trainers have been working with instructors as assistants in my trainings and will begin co-training alongside me. Soon they’ll be leading their own instructor trainings.

These six women have become our very first MELT Master Trainers, and I’m so proud and delighted to introduce you to (pictured from left to right) Amanda Cizek, Edya Kalev, Nancy Mink, Meegan Descheneaux, Kerrie Bodendorf and Gloria Stewart! Watching how their skill and clarity of the method has grown through this process, and their desire to help others, truly inspires me to elevate all MELT instructors.

The MELT Master Trainers have graduated to become faculty members of MELT University and are a continued source of information for all instructors. One thing the Master Trainers will be doing is called the MELT Lab, courses designed to give all instructors, no matter when they were initially trained, the same updated foundational information in online and live teaching environments. My goal for our MELT University is to sustain the quality and integrity of the method and keep every single MELT Instructor at the top of their game and be the best Hands-Off Bodyworkers in the business. The passion and dedication of each instructor drives my desire to help them help others with confidence and skill.

Over the next weeks, you will be seeing and reading about each of them in future blog posts, media, and of course in our MELT Method trainings. For now, I celebrate these graduates of MELT University and am thrilled to introduce them! Congratulations, Amanda, Edya, Nancy, Meegan, Kerrie and Gloria, and thank you for your commitment to this unique program as we help others around the world live pain-free!

—Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method

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