MELT Stories: Kerrie Bodendorf, Master Trainer

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Six years ago, Kerrie Bodendorf was resigned to a life of excruciating pain and debilitating anxiety that put her on a couch for weeks at a time. Today, this active mom of three is teaching dance fitness classes and helping others get out of pain as a MELT Master Trainer.

Kerrie says she was at the right place at the right time when she discovered the MELT Method. In March 2010, Kerrie happened to tune into The Regis and Kelly Show when MELT creator Sue Hitzmann appeared to talk about the MELT Method.

“When I began MELTing my feet, my lower back pain started to go away,” she says. “I knew I had found something miraculous and needed to pursue that further.”

Kerrie first experienced back pain when she was just 16 years old and working as a nurse’s aide. Lifting patients in and out of wheelchairs without proper body mechanics strained her back and left her in constant pain. Her next job was in retail and it only made the situation worse. The pain in her feet was so bad it would keep her up at night. She was eventually told she needed bunion surgery.

Once Kerrie started doing the MELT Foot Treatment after seeing Sue on TV, her bunion pain began to go away and her big toe even started to straighten out.

“Everyone told me that I couldn’t cure my bunion, and that I would need surgery,” she recalls. “Well, that’s a bunch of hooey.”

“You have to be consistent with MELT, like how we brush our teeth,” she says. “If you stop brushing your teeth, you would have plaque and buildup, and the same happens in your body with the connective tissue system. All this stuck stress starts to build up and you have to go in and get rid of it with your MELT tools.”

The MELT “miracles” surrounded her as she helped her mother restore mobility in her hand, which was at one point stuck in a claw position. One of Kerrie’s clients significantly reduced the discoloration of scar tissue on her lower leg from a severe coral reef cut. Another client was so successful at getting out of pain and depression using MELT that she decided to become a MELT instructor herself.

Kerrie now teaches MELT at two studios in western Massachusetts, and she has served as the lead teaching assistant for the Hand and Foot Instructor, MELT Instructor, and MELT NeuroStrength trainings. Today Kerrie is excited to be on the teaching staff at MELT University so she can share MELT with other instructors and practitioners.

“I love my job,” says Kerrie. “I get a natural high from it every time I teach. I was heading toward a life of surgery, stagnation, and pain. My brain is now clear and my anxiety and pain are well under control. MELT saved my life.”

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