March 12 is a big day for me and MELT

I’m not superstitious, but I really believe the universe puts things in front of us and it’s our choice to reflect and find connections, or not.

Fifteen years ago, in the midst of a thriving fitness career I was offered to be the host of the ESPN2 “Crunch Fitness TV” show. I did four different segments for Anchor Bay before being cast as the host of the Crunch Bootcamp Video.

It was an exciting time to be able to choreograph and design a 30-minute workout that was safe, yet high-intensity. The video is still one of the best selling bootcamp-style videos on the market, selling worldwide over a million copies. What most people don’t know is, five days before the shooting of the video, my dad passed away. It was a somber time and there are many emotions that went into that video, some good, some not so good.

Last year, on March 12th, I finally shot the MELT Companion DVD and new Hand and Foot Treatment DVD. This was part of a 10-year process of developing a method to help people with their chronic pain issues.

During the first day of the shoot, the lead cameraman walked up to me looking as if he’d seen a ghost.

“Fifteen years ago I shot your bootcamp video,” he said. “I remember it very clearly. Your dad had passed away just a few days before and your friend James said a prayer for you and asked us all to give you good energy to get through shooting. You then proceeded to hit each section of the video in a single take.”

(James, by the way, was featured in both the bootcamp video and returned as a backup MELTer in the MELT video series.)

The cameraman told me: “Since then, my crew and I will often say, ‘what ever happened to that one take wonder girl?’ when shooting other videos that take days and hundreds of takes. And here you are!”

We also happened to have shot the MELT videos on my dad’s birthday on March 12. The background of the set was a Chicago city skyline, my dad’s hometown. Since we shot the video, it took nearly an entire year to edit and finally produce the recently launched MELT videos.

If that’s not wild enough, exactly one year to the day of shooting, March 12, 2015 a MELT segment aired on the top-rated morning show, “Good Morning America.”

It’s a pinnacle moment for me as a business owner and creator of a self-care method to help others reach a point where millions of viewers perhaps for the first time learned about the MELT Method. The dream of helping people around the world live a better life seems even more attainable today.

March 12 and all the amazing and profound things that seem to coincide with this day are here to remind me that I’m living a very blessed life. The energy of the universe is felt right down to every cell in my body that I am so fascia-nated with.

Happy birthday, dad.

MELT Hand And Foot Kit v2

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