Traveling and MELT—Perfect Companions

I’m off again. Another business adventure to help more people learn how to self-care for their body and eliminate chronic pain with MELT. Next stop, Munich, Germany. I’ve done myself a favor during the first leg of this trip, I’m flying first class on Lufthansa Airlines. What a ride. I hope there are instructions for the seat I’m in.

Needless to say, I am ready for my travel. I’ve MELTed prior to getting on the plane this morning. My MELT Map:

  • Full Foot Treatment
  • Rebalance Sequence
  • Upper and Lower Body Compression Sequences
  • Low Back Release Sequence

I got to the airport ready for the flight. Now, in mid-flight I have my doTERRA Essential Oils. First a little On Guard to ward off any unnecessary germs and protect my immune system. Next some Breathe, Lavender, and Orange Blossom on my hands, feet, and neck.

In the 3rd hour of the flight I ate my dinner and MELTed my feet again with just the mini soft ball foot treatment. Then I attempted to sleep (seeing the seat turns into an all out bed, it seemed fitting to try to sleep.) I can’t say I got much rest but I did doze off for an hour or two before waking up an hour before landing. I was then was fed again some eggs, fruit, and yogurt.

I’m about to land ready for my first meeting then on the ICE train to Stuttgart to meet with Christopher Gordon to begin my research project.

I’m going to sleep like a brick. And I’m thrilled to grab one of the rollers waiting for me on the other end of a two-hour train ride.

Got to love the MELT balls because they are simple, portable, and easy for me to use so I stay awake, refreshed, and ready for this jam-packed weekend of fascia and learning!

MELT Hand And Foot Kit

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