Scientific Proof That MELT Method Works!

A Research Study Proves How Effective MELT Is. When We Say Science-Backed, We Mean It

We’ve always known that the MELT Method helps relieve pain and that we feel better every time we MELT, but did you know there’s scientific proof that MELT works?

The MELT team and researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) conducted a study that looked at the effect of MELT on people with chronic low back pain, both right away and after four weeks of MELT.

What’s significant is that we found that MELT reduces chronic low back pain, increases flexibility, and initiates real change in the connective tissue. By contrast, the control group, which did not MELT, showed no improvement.

The stats on the study

The research study was conducted in partnership with NJIT and was led by a biomedical engineering grad student, Faria Sanjana, who was advised by Tom Findley, Ph.D. (founder of the Fascia Research Society) and Hans Chaudhry, Ph.D.

The study was presented at the 2015 Fascia Research Congress in Washington, DC. The Fascia Research Congress is the premier conference for cutting-edge research into all aspects of fascial science, with top-notch scientists, researchers, and practitioners in attendance from all over the world.

Putting MELT to the test

The study was called “Effect of the MELT Method on the Thoracolumbar Connective Tissue.” It involved 44 men and women aged 25-65 with non-specific, chronic low back pain. They were split equally into two groups with 22 subjects each, one for the MELT treatment group and another to act as the control group.

The MELT group then had a 30-minute MELT self-treatment session while watching a MELT video, and 5 minutes resting prior to retest. Meanwhile, the control group was asked to read and relax during the same period.

After the period was up, the subjects were immediately tested again using the same battery of tests to check for any immediate improvements brought about by doing MELT.

The MELT group then followed a 4-week MELT self-treatment protocol. The control group had no changes to their routine.

Data from the MELT group shows that the MELT subjects experienced:

  • Significant decrease in pain

-43% immediate, -31% long term

  • Significant increase in flexibility

+9% immediate, +24% long term

  • Significant decrease in the thickness of the fascial layers and combined thickness of the subcutaneous and fascial layers

-26% immediate, -34% long term

  • Significant increase in stress relaxation time in the lower area (below the 12th rib) on the left side of the muscle tissues of the spine

+8% immediate, +7% long term

  • Decreasing trend in stiffness of muscle tissue of the spine

Meanwhile, the control group showed no significant changes in pain, flexibility, thickness of the fascial layers, stress relaxation time, or stiffness.

Summing up the science

The decrease in connective tissue thickness suggests that fascia is rehydrated as a result of MELT.

Here’s what one of our study participants had to say:

“A transformation—at least in my case. Over 20 years I have suffered from back pain and have exhausted every means for relief. Considering back surgery last year and then one day I received a MELT survey study. EVERYTHING has changed. With just 15 minutes each day using hand, feet, and back therapy, each new day I am completely free of back pain—completely free! Truly a blessing!” Brad O.

If you’d like to see what the excitement is about, here’s the 30-minute MELT Map that study participants did to gain immediate, significant results:

    • Soft Ball Foot Treatment
    • Rebalance Sequence
    • Upper Body Compression Sequence
    • Back of Thigh Shear
    • Modified Tuck and Tilt Challenge
    • SI Joint Shear
    • Bent Knee Press
    • Rest Reassess

These moves use both the MELT Hand and Foot Therapy Balls and the MELT Soft Body Roller. You can learn more about these moves in the best-selling MELT Method Book or our online video platform, MELT On Demand, all of which are available at the MELT Store.

You may also want to work with a MELT Instructor near you. Find one by going to the MELT Finder.

If you know someone who lives with chronic pain, spread the word about MELT. If you experience pain, give MELT a try. And when someone asks you if it really works, you can show them the science that proves it.

Learn more about the science behind the method, the creator Sue Hitzmann, and MELT On Demand’s streaming classes HERE. 


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