On "The Rachael Ray Show": Spreading the MELT love

This ride I’m on is totally amazing. Behind the scenes of developing a method, managing a company, helping instructors and people everywhere experience in their own body, for themselves, an empowering, self-caring way to restore balance is nothing short of a miracle. There are days where I get to witness changes in people that they themselves have created because of a method I put out to the world simply because it worked for my clients in my office.

Last week I had yet another opportunity to spend time with Dr. Mehmet Oz only this time it was on set at “The Rachael Ray Show.” The segment aired today! HOW TOTALLY COOL! First of all, this lady is brilliant, and beautiful, in person. Her energy is HUGE, her love and mad smarts just gush out of her. Walking onto her set was like stepping into her living room with a couple hundred of her friends, ready and wanting to take in information.

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Did I mention the importance of quality sleep?

Before I was out on the set with them, Rachael and Dr. Oz spent time talking about how important sleep is and how to get a more restful night’s sleep—one of my favorite topics. Deep sleep is when cellular repair is dominant. So if you don’t get a sound night’s sleep it’s one of the primary reasons you accumulate stress and ultimately accelerate your aging process.

(Dr. Oz also mentioned the issue of a down pillow and the mites that slowly eat away the feathers. I so wish he wouldn’t mention stuff like that because it gives me the heebie jeebies. I saw poor Rachael squirm in her body like a kid trying not to listen to what he was saying. I completely relate to the feeling. Gross.)

On top of the points Dr. Oz made, I’d like to add that sleeping in a dark room, as in pitch black, is one of the key ingredients in getting the most restorative sleep. Going to bed at the same time each night and turning off the TV and electronics one hour before bed—shutting down your brain before bedtime is one of the best ways to sleep soundly.

Takeaways from the Rachael Ray appearance

Rachael is just a couple years older than I am so both of us are in the mid-40 age range. She worked and lived in my hometown and I remember going to the Sagamore Hotel up in Lake George when she managed the restaurant. So amazing to see how far she has come over the years and the impact on people’s lives she has made. It’s inspiring and something to admire. She really was cool.

What was even more amazing is that half of her staff are MELTers. I saw friends, clients, and club members that have taken my MELT classes for years as well as some private clients backstage. So I felt like I was with friends without a doubt!

Although I didn’t say it on the Show, once you do the treatment on one side of the face, do it on the other too!

You can also try doing both sides at the same time. Just remember what I said on the show, it’s the consistent, light pressure in one local region that really makes the effect. If you press too hard, you will miss the benefit.

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