Slopestyle snowboarder Jamie Anderson MELTs to a Gold Medal

Four-time X-Games champ and new Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson may have had a competitive edge to allow her to excel in the inaugural Slopestyle snowboarding competition in the Sochi Olympics.

Yes, we’re talking about The MELT Method.

We got the inside scoop from Corrie Anderson, the San Diego-based MELT instructor and sister of Jamie. For those not familiar with the sport, Jamie is widely considered the best in the world at Slopestyle, a division of the sport that showcases a snowboarder’s ability to perform a variety of tricks while catching a lot of air, combining athleticism with creativity.


“The foot treatment helps Jamie with inflammation and has a calming effect like meditation,” said Corrie in a phone interview upon her arrival home from Russia. “MELT has been a big help on her joints too.”

Corrie is a manual therapist who traveled with the snowboard team, working with athletes during the snowboard competition. She said that convincing these ultra elite competitors on the benefits of MELT was not difficult.

“These athletes are so aware of their bodies and can really feel the changes in their bodies and can feel the benefits of MELT,” said Corrie. “Athletes of this caliber are always looking for any competitive advantage they can get.”

jamie and corrie

Jamie and Corrie enjoy the victory.

Corrie discovered MELT and met founder Sue Hitzmann three years ago at a MELT workshop held at the IDEA World Fitness Convention.

“MELT has made my job a lot easier,” said Corrie. “By adding MELT to my clients’ routines they see longer lasting results with the work I do with them.”

Ensuring both mental and physical confidence was key to Jamie’s Gold-Medal performance as she has been the heavy favorite for the Olympics since the decision to add Slopestyle to the Games nearly three years ago.

photo 1

The Anderson family rejoices following Jamie’s win.

Jamie recalled the moments before her winning run to ESPN, saying: “At the top of the course, I took a moment, took a deep breath and saw everything I wanted to see happen. I saw myself landing my run and the happiness of my family and all their love and support.”

Congratulations, Jamie!

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