We asked Dr. Mark Passamonti if he has a mantra, and for a trained MELT instructor (who also happens to be a physician), it couldn’t be more fitting—go with the flow. As anyone who MELTs knows, it’s all about balance and restoring fascial fluid flow. Mark says his mind was blown when he heard our founder Sue talk about fascia during a pain skills conference, revealing facts he never came across during any of his medical training. Since then, he’s become MELT certified and applies that knowledge to his day-to-day patient interactions to help empower them to get out—and stay out—of pain.

He spent a few minutes giving us a peek into his own MELT practice and what his training experience was like.

What brought you to MELT as a practice?

Personally, I was feeling my body tighten up, my shoulders curling forward, and joints aching. Practicing this daily has me feeling wonderful.

What are your favorite parts of being certified to teach MELT?

Having the confidence and knowledge to help people change their lives for the better. Having the support of other MELT instructors, being part of a community who is all about improving the lives of others, and having a supportive community that loves to educate each other.

What are some of your favorite MELT techniques or sequences?

Rebalance Sequence, love the move called Drawbridge, and Neurostrength classes keep me feeling great for a week!

How has MELT complemented your life?

MELT helps me stay motivated to keep up with conditioning and staying in shape. Not a great self-motivator, but I know that if I prepare myself by MELTing, I make it through my workout with a lot less pain. MELT helps me get and remain relaxed.

Why did you decide to become a MELT instructor?

I came into contact with Sue in 2016 during a day-long introduction of MELT during a Department of Defense Pain Skills training conference. What I learned that day was mind-blowing as a physician. I learned things about fascia I never learned in medical school or residency. A year later I had a chance to take her hand and foot training in Denver, Colorado. When I brought those techniques to my patients, they saw immediate results and immediate improvement in their movement and a decrease in their pain. It was awesome to see how people of all ages benefitted. It has also empowered me to know that I can help patients get out of pain, and best of all, they can take control of their lives and get themselves out of pain.

What was the MELT training experience like for you?

I love that Sue Hitzmann has combined the MELT Roller and MELT Hand and Foot training into her Level 1 training. Getting that training will give you plenty of tools to help people get out of pain. I feel that the most powerful treatments are the MELT foot treatments and Rebalance Sequence. Just those two alone will get you feeling great.

I’ve done both in-person training and video training. I have to say that the video training has significant advantages. First, you get a recording of the live training to review at your leisure. Secondly, she has lots of videos on her training website that you can review over and over. There’s plenty of time to ask questions and plenty of chances to get extra help with moves. The live sessions give you a great chance to help teach—puts you on the spot, but in a low stress and very supportive environment. No one is out to get you, and everyone is there to support you. All because the creator of MELT, Sue, wants it to be as low stress as possible. It’s all about education, learning, and support. Wonderful group of instructors.

Thank you so much to Mark for taking the time to share his insights and experience with us. If you’re interested in learning more about training to become a MELT instructor, please head to our MELT University page to find out more about becoming certified.


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