MELT Beginner Bundle

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We've made it as simple as can be... The MELT Beginner Bundle contains all the tools you need to get started in establishing your MELT Self-Care practice. MELT tools were specially designed to mimic the touch of a manual therapist.

Bundle contains: 

MELT Soft Foam Roller, $79.99 value
MELT Hand & Foot Therapy Balls, $49.99 value
The MELT Method Book, NY Times Best Seller, $18.99 value
MELT On Demand | Monthly Subscription, $14.99/month


This is NOT your traditional foam rolling system! Our open cell technology provides the memory foam compression that allow you to perform the MELT technique in a gentle and effective way to help reduce pain. Each size ball of the Hand & Foot Therapy kit is intentionally develop to provide to right amount of pressure and compression for their individual purpose. 


    MELT On Demand is our streaming video platform that shows you step by step how to implement the techniques to reduce your pain, relieve stress and tension from chronic issues to minor daily aches and pains. Experience Self-Care Anywhere™. Stream the entire MELT video library on your laptop, desktop, mobile devices, TV, and more through the MELT Method app. You’ll get instant access to more than 100 treatments, sequences, and classes focusing on pain, performance, and lifestyle. Plus you’ll get NEW videos every week including titles such as MELT for Hip Openers, Sleep, Knees, Sciatica, Running, Cycling, and more.

    New MELTers will kickstart their practice with our Getting Started videos, which provide a streamlined process for learning how to MELT, one video tutorial at a time. Experienced MELTers will elevate their practice by choosing from a variety of sequences, custom maps, classes, and programs.

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