MELT Large Round Mat

$119.99 $149.99

Your long-awaited MELT mat is finally here! Discover the ultimate companion for your self-care practice– the MELT Large Round Mat. 

Designed with intention, this light-weight mat boasts the following features and benefits:

    • Extra large 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) diameter.
    • Plush 5 mm thickness, offering ample space and comfort for your daily MELT practice, yoga, fitness and other self-care activities. 
  • Anti-slip texture meant to help improve the grip of your MELT tools, hands, feet and body.
  • Hand and Foot Print illustrations - Strategically positioned on the mat, these prints assist you in mastering position point pressing techniques.
  • Body and tool positioning lines to ensure optimal placement while practicing MELT. 
  • Safe and environmentally friendly TPE material. We do NOT use PVC, latex or other harmful materials in our products.
  • Carry strap to conveniently transport your mat when you are on the go.

Please note, all orders from this product will ship from our US warehouse. Shipping charges for domestic and international orders may apply.

MELT Mat Care Instructions:

Promptly remove the mat and carrying strap from the shipping box. Please note: Due to the folding of the mat for shipping, you will notice a crease in the mat. This crease does not affect the performance of the mat. See video

To minimize the appearance of this crease we advise that you:

  • Expose the mat unfolded to the sun for a few hours.
  • Tightly roll the mat perpendicular to the crease for about 24 hours.

Along with continued use, this will remove/reduce the appearance of the crease over time.

Storage: We recommend storing the mat rolled up and lying flat on its side, not standing up, and in a climate controlled environment, so as not to damage the material. 

Cleaning: Use mild antibacterial soap and water and gently wipe your mat after each use.

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